Frederick County is currently seeking candidates to fill two vacancies for one Parent Representatives to serve on the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) and one to serve on the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT). The CPMT is the body charged by the Code of Virginia to manage local implementation of the Comprehensive Services Act for At-Risk Youth and Families (CSA) The CPMT meets monthly for two hours, generally on the fourth Monday of the month from 1:00 to 3:00pm. The FAPT assesses the strengths and needs of troubled youths and families to identify and determine the complement of services required to meet these unique needs. This body meets every Tuesday 1:00-4:00, depending on the number of cases scheduled. Appointments to either body serve a two year term and are eligible for reappointment. These positions are consistent with the CPMT principle that "the needs of children and families will be met in the least restrictive way, with families fully participating in the decision making process."

Frederick County is seeking parent representatives who meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Parents of youth with behavioral health issues and/or intellectual disabilities who are or were involved in public child serving systems;
  • Parents associated with a parent advocacy/support group with whom they can liaison in fulfilling their parent representative role;
  • Parents with knowledge of the CSA system;
  • Parents who reflect the cultural and racial diversity of families and youth in the Frederick County community.

The section of the Code of Virginia which describes the powers and duties of the CPMT in managing the CSA program can be found at The Frederick County CSA Coordinator, Jackie Jury, may also be contacted at (540) 665-5688 x174 for additional information.

Parents interested in being considered for appointment to the CPMT or FAPT are requested to submit a resume or other brief summary of their qualifications, particularly as they relate to the criteria above, to Ms. Jury. Candidates for either vacancy will be interviewed by a panel of CPMT members. FAPT representatives are appointed by the CPMT, where as CPMT refers a candidate to the Board of Supervisors for appointment.

Thank you for considering this request on behalf of at-risk children, youth and families in the Frederick County community.