Mission Statement
It shall be the mission of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office to provide fair, unbiased law enforcement services to the public while respecting the individual's constitutional rights

Local Scams


Everyday a new scam comes to light. It is almost impossible to stay ahead of the game with notifying the public of the latest. Residents have reported everything from the IRS calling for payment, Inmates calling with a collect call, Microsoft calling to fix your computer, Mystery Shoppers sending you a check to work for them, Payday loans threats, Lottery scams, there are too many to list.

The best practices to follow;
• If it’s too good to be true it probably is
• Microsoft will never call you to fix your computer
• The IRS will never call you to request payment
• No utility company will call you and ask you to purchase a money card and call them back with the numbers for payment
• Do not purchase, and send, a money card to someone who calls you that you have never met
• The lottery will not call you requesting you pay taxes prior to them sending you a check.
• Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 540-662-6162 if you have any questions about a potential scam

With Spring arriving door to door scams will begin again. Be aware of people coming to your door asking to clean your home, trim your trees, seal your driveway, or any other chores around your property. If you have interest in their service, ask for a phone number and a copy of their business license, tell them you are going to do some research into the business and will get back with them if you feel comfortable with your findings.

If someone is at your door and is insisting you allow them entry into your home, do not allow them in. Try to obtain a vehicle description and contact the Sheriff’s Office at 540-662-6162. If someone insist that you come outside so they can show you a problem tree, roofing issue, or any reason, do not leave your home unless you know all doors and windows are locked. Please share this information with your family, and any senior citizens you may know as they tend to be the chosen targets for many scam artist.


Crime Solvers

Call (540) 665-TIPS to leave anonymous crime information. No calls are traced and no identification is required.